Corporate Responsibility

Dixie Chemical Company is committed to environmental, personal and process safety and health of our employees, customers, suppliers and community, and to continuous improvement in all these areas. Across our organization, and throughout the supply chain, we conduct our operations and manage our products in a safe, reliable, environmentally responsible and efficient manner. As stewards of the environment, we strive to continually improve all aspects of our operations, driving our environmental performance to meet or exceed regulatory requirements and industry practice. We establish annual and long-range targets for our sites to drive continuous improvement in our environmental performance and sustainability. We work in close partnership with community groups and other stakeholders to ensure that we are a responsible neighbor with sustainable operations that are mutually beneficial to all stakeholders. Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) is integral to our business.

For specific chemical company Safety Data Sheets (SDS), please email us.

EHS Policy

Our EHSS Policy applies to all aspects of our business, including planning, research, development, design, construction, operation, maintenance, marketing, commercial transactions, transportation, distribution and delivery.

Dixie Chemical Company conducts business in alignment with our vision, mission and core values.

Dixie is committed to:

  • Providing a safe and secure workplace and future for our team by ensuring the safe operation of our processes through efficient integrated management systems.
  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and with company standards developed to drive continuous improvement.
  • Being prepared to respond to emergencies effectively and efficiently to minimize any and all potential impacts to people, the environment and property.
  • Focusing on operational excellence to provide high quality products that meet or exceed our customer expectations.


Dixie Chemical’s most important measure of success always has been the health and safety of its employees, contractors, customers and neighbors. At Dixie, our team members are our greatest asset. Providing a safe workplace is of utmost importance and our greatest value as an organization. Through our continuous improvement activities, our goal is to cultivate a safety culture where all our team members feel safe and proud to work at Dixie. As industry leaders, we recognize and remain committed to our responsibility to our team members.

Creating an environment that is free of incidents and a culture that cares about all workers is fundamental to the elements of our culture. We are committed to environmental, personal and process safety and health. As an organization, we constantly monitor industry leading trends and implement techniques to ensure Dixie Chemical is an industry leader in terms of safety performance. We create an environment where every worker has a voice, and all are empowered and vested to create a workplace where people want to work.

Both occupational and process safety are integrated into every facet of Dixie operations. Dixie’s occupational health and safety program is successful because it is developed, supported and carried out by all employees, from executive management to the newest hire. The company’s process safety program instills safety and reliability to push beyond regulatory compliance to operational excellence.

Process Safety Management

Dixie’s Process Safety Management culture is a top-down approach that places a significant amount of resources towards risk reduction. Dixie assures that the required resources and tools are available to develop, implement and maintain Process Safety Management programs and practices necessary for regulatory compliance and recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEP) requirements.


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Security and Risk Management

Business Continuity

Dixie Chemical’s commitment to its customers is to ensure an effective and adequate crisis response capability. To meet this goal, the Company has a well-defined Crisis Management Plan, which includes Business Continuity and Severe Weather Plans.

The Business Continuity Plan, which incorporates site-based strategies, is designed to establish layers of protection to avoid and minimize the impact of a business interruption, in order to fulfill the Company’s business agreements.

The Crisis Management Plan structure embodies the Company’s commitment to collaboration and transparent communications. Representatives from the business team work closely with operations and supply chain to minimize disruption in our ability to safely supply our customers and to simplify recovery. For more information, please contact your Dixie business contact.

Risk Management Team

The Risk Management Team provides management review of site security, process safety programs, and risk management plans. The team draws on a broad range of expertise throughout the organization to ensure continued safe operation and chemistry industry emergency preparedness.

Emergency Response

At Dixie, we take pride in our ability to maintain an Emergency Response Organization that is always ready to respond to any emergency that we might experience. Our emergency response team members attend many hours of training and drills throughout the year to ensure we are always prepared. Through our memberships with our mutual aid organizations we stay up-to-date on the latest trends, techniques and equipment to ensure our team members and the community are always protected.



Reducing our environmental footprint is an important part of sustainable chemistry and a core tenet of our Loss Control and Sustainability Policy. Dixie systematically pursues reduction of water and energy use, waste generation and air emissions related to our manufacturing activities.
Dixie uses environmentally sound and compliant sustainable chemistry processes, including on-site recycling and reclamation activities or sustainable off-site treatment and disposal. Dixie’s waste water is managed by the neighboring Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority for treatment.

Product Safety

Safer Products for People and Environment

Dixie takes pride in making products that are as safe as possible for the user and the environment. We take efforts to replace hazardous raw materials with materials that improve safety and reduce the environmental footprint.

Supply Chain Stewardship

Dixie’s commitment to stewardship does not stop at our fence line. We hold our suppliers accountable for safety and environmental performance through our Approved Supplier Program, and we ensure customers and transporters are prepared to handle our products safely.

We work side-by-side with customers to ensure safe handling and storage practices. For products with specific hazards, we have resources available to provide special sustainable chemistry training to workers and supervisors. Safety Datasheets are available for all products.


Dixie Chemical Company SDS

Dixie Chemical company products are listed below. For the specific information and product safety data sheets (SDS) for all Dixie Chemical company products, please email

REACH & TSCA Chemicals Industry Regulations

Dixie Chemical is a leader in the chemicals industry and chemical engineering field. We are fully committed to complying with US TSCA regulations and international chemical safety laws. For our European customers, the following products are currently registered or pre-registered under REACH: