Dixie Chemical Completes Capacity expansion for Nadic Methyl Anhydride (NMA) plant in USA.

Dixie Chemical is pleased to announce the completion of its planned capacity expansion for Nadic Methyl Anhydride (NMA) production at its plant in Pasadena, Texas. This milestone reaffirms Dixie Chemical’s commitment to be at the forefront of innovation in Anhydrides with the most comprehensive and broad product portfolio. The new capacity is geared towards supporting the growing demand for high temperature high performance epoxy-based composites, insulators, and adhesives/sealants in the US and globally.

Dixie Chemical is a US based specialty chemicals manufacturer with products such as curatives for composites, fuel & lube additives, paper sizing agents (ASA) and a whole array of specialty additives/chemicals. The Pasadena, TX facility manufactures a broad range of pure Anhydrides, blends, and pre-catalyzed grades that are customized for efficiency in processing, handling and performance.

Dixie Chemical is the sole North American producer of NMA and one of the global leaders in high purity NMA grades, a liquid alicyclic anhydride widely used for curing epoxy resins. Dixie’s NMA, renowned for its mechanical performance and exceptional dielectric properties, makes it ideal for critical applications such as high voltage insulators, high strength-weight ratio composites, potting compounds, and performance adhesives. When reacted with cycloaliphatic epoxies, Dixie’s NMA produces one of the highest performing Epoxy composite systems with Tg up to 240°C.

With the ever increasing need to upgrade/add global electrical infrastructure (transmission lines, storage and distribution), Dixie’s plant expansion timing cannot be better. In addition to ensuring security of supply to our customers, Dixie is excited to support the global energy transition and contributing towards a green sustainable future with this critical raw material.

Dixie Chemical’s NMA products complement its broad Anhydride portfolio with products such as Epoxy curing agents (ECA), MHHPA, MTHPA, HHPA, DDSA, THPA, various blends and pre-catalyzed grades. Our formulated systems offer controlled reactivity and viscosity that are specially designed for complex processes such as filament winding, pultrusion, resin transfer, VARTM, and related processes. Combined with strong technical support, custom product development, Dixie Chemical’s solutions help customers improve productivity, and achieve higher performance in their composites.